Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Week's Menu

Early spring is about to hit, and we've had a mixture of rainy vs. very sunny days. I'm inspired to eat the fresh, young fruits and veggies that are starting to show up in our farmer's markets, like asparagus and artichokes.

We also recently found out that we're expecting a baby in early October, so my goal is to eat as healthy as possible, with as many fresh fruits and veggies that I can fit into my diet.

Here's the goal for the week (I don't plan a dinner for every night since we tend to have leftovers or something comes up. We always have standbys, like risotto or pizza to use up leftover veggies and ingredients):

Whole wheat english muffins with egg, cheddar cheese, and tomato slices
Nut cluster cereal with milk and orange juice
Berry shakes

Lunch group
Artichoke phyllo pie with side salad of spinach and oranges

Sun: Artichoke phyllo pie
Mon: Fresh pasta
Tue: White fish with baby bok choy
Wed: Feijoada with greens and rice
Thu: Chicken milanese with side salad of tomato, cucumber, and avocado and bread


Merouda said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! BVabies are wonderful and exciting. :-)

Margarita Stewart said...

I LLOOOVE you blog! I am like you, I can eat vegetarian but sometimes meat too.
I will put you on my blog roll so I can find you always!

fidlerflute said...

Thanks, Merouda! We're getting more excited as the days go by!

Shannon, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. I wish I could post more often, but you'll find new recipes here from time to time. I appreciate your support!

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