Monday, April 9, 2007

Earth Day and Community-Sustained Agriculture

With Earth Day upon us, I've decided to do something special this year, join a CSA (Community-Sustained Agriculture). Living in California, we have the benefit of being surrounded by many wonderful farms and delicious produce, so why buy produce from the grocery store where much of it comes from abroad? We already frequent the local farmers market, but another good deal is to sign up with a CSA where you pay a flat price weekly, monthly, or annually for a box full of fresh, organic produce. The profits go directly to the farmers and you are guaranteed to be eating something locally produced. In Alameda, CA, we have the following farms to choose from, as far as I know, which will deliver to our city: Eatwell Farm, Full Belly Farm, Farm Fresh to You, Eat With the Seasons. The prices are very much the same, but each farm offers different kinds of produce and delivery methods. I'm still deciding what will work best for us. Any suggestions?

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fidlerflute said...

We decided to first try Eatwell Farms because it seems like ti has the widest variety of produce, and their personal story appealed to me. I'll let you know how it goes. Next Wednesday is our first week!

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