Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oscars Party

Right now, I'm in the midst of planning the menu for the Oscars Party I'm hosting on February 25th. The Oscars start at 4pm and go on for hours, so it'll involve serving snacks and a meal. The Oscars are being hosted al fresco this year in LA, and the style is Mediterranean, so I'm trying to build upon this theme with the menu. These are some ideas I have to start with, but let me know if you have any to add! I'll be updating this as time goes on.

Appetizers & Finger Foods
Traditional Popcorn
Maple-Chile Popcorn
Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
Cheese Fondue with Steamed Veggies and Toasted Baguette Slices
Mini Roasted Red Pepper Philo Pies
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Marinated Brie and Olives

Main Dishes

Mediterranean Galette
Layered Vegetable Terrine
Caprese Salad with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls

Double-dipped Chocolate Strawberries


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