Sunday, February 4, 2007

This Week's Menu

It is the beginning of February, and in California, this is often a time when spring starts to pop its little head. Indeed, it is in the high 60's today in the Bay Area. However, the produce available reminds us that we're still living in the height of winter. Warm, hearty foods make the soul happy. This was my theme for creating our dinner menu this week. Because I'm only feeding two people here, the leftovers from dinner will also feed us for lunch. My best friend also recently mailed me a pouch full of Iranian saffron, and I intend to use it!:

Spiced Oatmeal
Saffron-Lemon-Almond Bread

Vegetable Kofta (From Heaven's Banquet) served over Rice
Farmer's Market Fresh Pasta (happens to be smoked salmon this week)
Monkfish in Saffron Broth over Baby Spinach and Red Potatoes (from Cooking Light, Jan/Feb 2007)
Tuscan Baked Beans (from Joy of Cooking) with Sauteed Greens and Crusty Bread
Vegetable Stroganoff (From Heaven's Banquet) over Wide Wheat Noodles
Homemade Pizza with leftover toppings

Some of these recipes may be appearing soon, so keep checking back!

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