Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Week's Menu

We have a very bad habit (or should I say that I have a very bad habit) of buying too much food every week because it looks so good! Well, we all know that food is getting more expensive, and it really is a shame to throw any of it into the compost bin. So, I decided to plan a half a week of food for now to see how things go. We recently discovered a fresh produce shop within walking distance of our apartment, Dan's Fresh Produce. In addition to their store, it looks like they offer a weekly box of produce from local growers, similar to the Community Sustained Agriculture I discussed before. Because we're only two people, sometimes our meals can last more than one dinner, and it's hard to gauge when this is going to happen. I'll see how it goes with a plan until Wednesday to see if we need to buy more or just extend our current recipes. With Dan's Produce down the street, I can easily take a walk after work and get my workout and dinner, too!

Breakfast: Oatmeal and figs
Lunch: White bean and basil hummus with pita, carrots, dolmas, sliced feta, and arugula salad
Dinner: Chicken marinaded in yogurt vindaloo curry, butternut squash curry, sauteed chard

Breakfast: Banana bread
Lunch (lunch group): Lavash sandwiches and pasta salad
Dinner: Goat cheese ravioli with summer pitta sauce

Breakfast: Banana bread
Dinner: Tilapia marinaded in citrus-herb marinade with harvest blend couscous and veggie and arugula salad

Breakfast: Pugliese toast with jam and nut butter
Dinner: Adzuki "black" beans and rice

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Jared said...

I just discovered this amazing blog only to find that you haven't posted in months!

Please come back -- your recipes are fantastic!

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